Private View Tuesday 13th June
5.30 pm - 8.30 pm

14th - 18th June

11 am - 8pm weekdays
11 am - 5 pm weekend

Ceramics Degree Show

Harrow Campus
University of Westminster
Underground Northwick Park

phone: 020 7911 5000 x4567



The cohort of students graduating from the Ceramics course at the Harrow Campus of the University of Westminster in 2006 are an outstanding example of an education in the applied arts. Their work is as diverse as the individual makers, united by an intensity of vision which is encouraged by the nature of the teaching in the department. Known for its active participation in all activities; they are as rewarding as they are challenging, inspiring the loyalty of both staff and fellow students.

Each person has pushed themselves to their own limits as the material they have in common is made to assume countless guises: from voluminous razor sharp porcelain vessels to complex forms steeped in political imagery, from intricate pieces with rich and varied surfaces to raw structures that exploit the qualities of unfired clay.

A renewed interest in rich and multi-layered glaze surface is apparent this year and the infinite range of colour, form and finish demonstrate admirably the relationship between technical knowledge and creative practice for which Harrow is renowned.

The work that you are able to observe is ambitious, and we are proud that our students continue to amaze and astound us all with their response to the rich and complex subject that is Ceramics.

Kyra Cane

Course Leader
BA Hons Ceramics

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