Every cohort that graduates from the Ceramics course at the University of Westminster is unique, defined in part by their collective experience.

The cohort of 2007 have been especially memorable; risk is a term synonymous with this particular group of students, all of whom speculated in very different ways as they sought to push the boundaries of their own practice. For some this has involved exploring concepts which draw upon the depths of personal experience to express ideas that are often common to human understanding; for others it has entailed extending their knowledge of processes through experimentation or exploiting the boundaries of material practice.
Without exception the whole group has worked with tremendous rigour and commitment in their endeavours to fulfil their own potential.

Ambition is a driving force for each of these individuals: they are all determined to succeed and yet as a year group they are also known for their generosity of spirit, not only to one another, but also to the course.

As a course team we are very proud of the achievements of this highly diverse range of students and wish them every success in the future. We will miss their vitality and hope that they will continue to be as daring in their future lives as they have been as undergraduates.

Kyra Cane

Principal Lecturer

Course Leader
Ceramics BA Hons

June 2007

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Photographers: David Freeman & Sussie Ahlburg