The Harrow Ceramic Archive is a collection of over four hundred objects which were collected from students on the course to form an 'in-house' teaching resource.

Once the University decided to close the course, the objects in the archive were photographed and offered back to their makers. The redevelopment of the Harrow site meant that there would be no space to keep the collection.

A large number of alumni were reached via Facebook and artefacts were returned whenever it was requested. Subsequently, this site was created to help reach a wider audience. With works going back as far as 1970, it was a difficult and time consuming task especially as many student records are now out-of-date.

Many alumni donated their works to the last cohort to help them raise funds for their degree show. Of the works not claimed, some examples have been kept by the University of Westminster Archives - again space was an issue and so a few key examples were chosen. A large amount of paper documentation of the course has also been transferred to the Archive and will be catalogued in due course.

The University of Westminster's Harrow library has also kept a good selection of pieces for in-house displays. Others were given to appreciative members of staff before the department finally closed for study at BA level at the end of July 2012.

On this site, you will find photographs of the pieces which made up the Harrow Ceramic Archive before it was dispersed, arranged according to the year of graduation. If you would like to know more about the Harrow Ceramics course please contact the University of Westminster Archive Services at:

or by telephone on : 020 7911 5000 ext 69602

The Ceramics course held several fundraising events for the Final Year students: you can find information about these on the 'events' page.